Terms of Use

All PS4 games are delivered in digital format (account – account or cd key – code) to the customer’s e-mail with complete installation instructions.
All XBOX games are delivered in digital format (cd key – code) to the customer’s e-mail with complete installation instructions.
All PC games are delivered in digital format (cd key – code) to the customer’s e-mail with complete installation instructions.

Important Information:

  1. All the games sold on GamesBase® are Digital; no CDs are required to play
  2. All products come with Lifetime Warranty, without the hassle of handling CDs
  3. Games are sent to customer’s email address in the form for Keys or account (username & password) within 24 hours of purchase with all the required instructions
  4. All Play Station games come in the form of accounts, pre-loaded with the game you purchase. Customer has to attach this account to their main PSN account, after that game can be downloaded and played from your own account
  5. All the Xbox and PC games come in the form of Keys, using which you can download the games from Xbox Network or Steam
  6. Benefit of account-based games is; when you’re done playing that game you can give or sell that account to anyone you want
  7. It’s not possible to refund an order just because you don’t like the game!

Terms of Use


All site visitors accept that the site is accessed under the following conditions:.

  • The description of individual products on the website contains only basic information.
  • GamesBase will strive to keep all the information on the site accurate and up to date. However, GamesBase does not guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of these data nor assumes any responsibility in this regard.
  • GamesBase reserves the right to place links to other sites it deems appropriate on its website. However, GamesBase is not responsible for the content of these sites.
  • GamesBase reserves the right to modify or remove any information contained on the Site, at any time, of its choice and without prior notice.


When you access the website, we can use cookie technology and other similar technologies to identify your internet browser. Using a site may result in the automatic storage of certain data on your device, such as cookies and application cache data necessary for more comfortable use of the portal.

Ordering goods

Ordering is the first step in shopping through our site. To order goods through our site, you must be a registered user or a guest. By registering, you will get a username that will continue to access the site in the future when you order. After selecting products and placing them in the shopping cart, you can choose two types of payment:

  • By paying the bill that will be sent to you after your order, if you decide to pay cash, GamesBase reserves the right to cancel the sale if there are some irregularities in the billing process. Delivery of goods is done exclusively if the product is fully paid.

All prices are expressed in the selected currency on the site with VAT included. Payment is made in the selected currency of the buyer and accordingly converts if paid online.
If you decide to make a cash advance payment, GamesBase will not ask for information about your card.
If you decide to pay the prepayment, the pro forma invoice will be sent to the left mail address, without prior contact.
GamesBase reserves the right to change the prices and availability of items without prior notice. However, GamesBase will not change prices after your order confirmation has been made. If the payment is not made within 24 hours (or until the end of the timer – refers to the discount prices), the order will be deemed canceled.

Games on discount

Games that are in discount must be paid at the latest until the timer expires (the timer is displayed above each game on the discount and determines its duration at the discount). If it is ordered on the day of the discount, and paid after the expiration date, it will be deemed canceled and the buyer will be offered a refund or a replacement in the value of the money paid.

Reward points

GamesBase Gameshop rewards the loyalty of its users to reward points. Points are obtained by purchasing certain games (clicking on the game, you can see if and how many points in the field, “Reward Points”).

Points receive all registered and verified orders on the site, which are then paid by any means of payment (if you do not make an order on the site and confirm it, the points will not be charged).

Points are calculated on the original mail of the buyer and are permanently linked to it (the order is executed from one mail and the payment slip sent from the other withdraws the non-calculation of points).

Points can be replaced for all items that carry the same. Points are calculated as a GamesBase currency, in relation 1 point = 1 dinar. Points can be used when you have enough to replace them for the whole article. Points can not diminish the price of the game. In each game that can be bought by points, the “price in reward points” is expressed.

Points are automatically added, if all the above conditions are fulfilled, once a week. Each time they are calculated, you will receive an e-mail notification named Reward Points and an updated status score. When you want to use the points, you are sending a replacement request to [email protected]

Delivery of goods

Delivery of digital products is done on the territory of the whole world, unrelated to the country of the buyer. GamesBase undertakes that the goods will be delivered no later than 2 business days from the day of ordering. All goods ordered by 12h every working day will be delivered no later than 2 (two) working days to the buyer’s mail. The usual delivery time is ~ 24 hours.

Privacy data

In order to successfully process the order and send it to you, we need the following information: name, address, city, e-mail and telephone. On behalf of GamesBase , we commit ourselves to protect the privacy of all our customers. We give customers the choice, including the ability to decide whether they want or not to be deleted from the mailing lists they use for marketing campaigns. All customer / customer data is strictly stored and accessible only to employees whose information is necessary for doing business. All GamesBase employees are responsible for respecting the privacy principles.

GamesBase is responsible for the account information of the purchased game, the code, the subscription for the first 72 hours from the sending. After that, we do not assume responsibility if the sent data is deleted, lost or stolen. Therefore, please keep the information (username, password or code) in a safe place.

Guarantee of quality

GamesBase guarantees the quality of its products. The warranty provider, within the warranty period, at its own expense ensures the removal of defects and defects of products arising from the mismatch of the actual ones with the prescribed or declared characteristics of the product quality. In the event of failure to perform this obligation, the warranty provider will replace the product with a new one or return the money. The warranty period begins on the date of sale and lasts for 24 months. By purchasing a game (PSN and XBOX account), the buyer gets one of two types of accounts – the primary (personal) account, from which the customer plays the game from his profile, or a secondary (guest) account where the customer plays the game from the purchased account. ( Option to choose the type of account does not exist!). Both types of orders will enable smooth play to the buyer and in both cases, the buyer will receive a complete, standard version of the game, which in most cases comes from the USA or the ASIA region, and in less from the EUR region. If you have a request for your game to be explicitly from the region from which you want to play, please send [email protected] mail before purchasing, and the team will, if possible, comply with your request, otherwise you will be notified the inability to procure the same (a change in the region of the game may require monetary compensation). Subsequent complaints and complaints on this issue are not respected. Origin, Steam, and other PC games that come in the form of codes, as well as Game Cards and Gift Cards that also come in the form of codes are sent to mail in the form of an alphanumeric record. For the proper functioning of the games and full gaming experience, a stable internet connection is necessary. In the event of a complaint about the purchased product, the supplier checks for any abuse of the content sold and decides to accept or reject the claim. In the event that the buyer has paid for the game and makes a complaint in the warranty period, and the game is higher priced by the supplier in the meantime, the seller has the right not to replace the game but to make a refund to the buyer for the amount paid by the buyer. Additional customer installation instructions may be provided to the buyer’s mailbox if required by the application, as well as the request for the taking pictures of individual items in order for the supplier to have an insight into the correct installation. This text will be clearly marked in red letters at the beginning of the mail and the customer is obligated to respect it. In case you buy digital content (account, codes) for resale, the warranty period is one month from the moment of delivery. The buyer has no right to appeal against this decision, and the order confirmation is fully in compliance with all the terms from the beginning to the end of this text, entitled Terms of Use. Finally, GamesBase Gameshop guarantees the quality, stability and reliability of each item purchased on the site. All game extensions purchased outside of the site (DLC, expansion, extensions, season passes, etc.), as well as the currency of the game, do not fall under the guarantee or subject to refund.

Is the sale of Playstation (PSN) and other accounts legal?

The European Court of Justice ruled in the C-128/11 case the following: “An author of software can not oppose the resale of his ‘used’ licenses allowing him to download his programs downloaded from the Internet” – LINK

Complaints and returns of goods

You can make a complaint in the following cases:

  1. Complaint during installation or first time play.
  2. Complaints in warranty period.

During the complaint of goods within the warranty period, the buyer is obliged:

  • Give the seller a precise description of the product’s functional malfunction.
  • Submit a complaint to [email protected] , with a controversial username and password
  • To send an appeal from the e-mail address to which the game (username, password and instructions) was originally sent.

The following is not included in the Warranty:
1. Damage caused by improper handling (resetting the console to factory settings, resetting the computer to factory settings, wiping the hard disk, unstable internet connection)

2. Unauthorized transfer of games to other consoles includes. Sony Playstation Account cannot be used on more than one console at the same time (1 account = 1 console). The same applies to codes – 1 code = 1 device

3. Deleting games from the console without prior consultation with support at [email protected]

4. Third party complaints will be considered as unauthorized sharing of purchased content. Example: Console and all games on it, bought from us, sold, given away, lost, etc. A third party, who is not a registered user of the site, sends a complaint to one of the items. GamesBase reserves the right to protect the privacy of its customers’ data and considers the game, code or account to be misused, unless the original data owner notifies GamesBase in advance of the waiver of the right to guarantee, sell or gift the games to a third party. In that case, the original owner becomes a third party, the original buyer loses the right to access the data permanently. Finally, the owners can be changed only once, each subsequent sale, gift, etc. entails the loss of the right to complain.

5. Factors we cannot influence – instability of PSN network, XBOX Live service, Origin, Steam, UPlay and all other services hosted by third parties, and GamesBase has no direct control over them.

6. Any change of Playstation account – password or e-mail, as well as deactivation of the account via the site, adding 2-step verification code, unauthorized refund, leads to the withdrawal of the warranty and license on all purchased content.

7. Purchase the wrong item and it has already been shipped (EXAMPLE: You ordered a game for PC and needed a game for PS4). In this case, the refund or replacement is made only in the event that the purchased content is not delivered.

8. The purchased game did not meet the customer’s expectations. Once purchased and delivered, digital content is not changed or refunded unless the purchased content has been delivered by the time a request for replacement or refund is submitted. The user is obliged to carefully assess and decide whether he wants to confirm the transaction for the desired item.

Keep in mind that the site administration always tries to meet everyone’s needs as soon as possible. Therefore, we ask you to have a little patience when sending emails, because sometimes due to the large number of requests we are not able to answer you in a very short interval, but it takes some time, up to a maximum of 24 hours. In case of haste, spamming or similar actions, your ticket will be placed last and you will only contribute to waiting even longer for a response.

Return of goods ordered through the site

  • Returns by e-mail [email protected] and by phone arranges the sending and following steps.

In the event that a refund is made due to a reputed claim in the warranty period and / or termination of the contract by the buyer within the prescribed deadline, the procedure is as follows:

  • If it is paid through a bank account, it is necessary for the customer to provide us with the number of your current account in the bank or mail and return the funds to his account. The money will be refunded within three business days. In the event that a buyer purchases three or more games, the amount of the refund is reduced by the amount of the discount.
  • If the item is ordered through PayPal the money will be refunded within three business days. In the event that a buyer purchases three or more games, the amount of the refund is reduced by the amount of the discount.
  • If the item is ordered by credit card, the money will be refunded within 14 business days. In the event that a buyer purchases three or more games, the amount of the refund is reduced by the amount of the discount.
  • For all other payment methods that are not listed above, the money will be refunded within 14 business days. In the event that a buyer purchases three or more games, the amount of the refund is reduced by the amount of the discount.

Consent and change of conditions

The use of our services implies the consent of the user with all the information on this page. GamesBase undertakes to comply with all of the above, and any changes to the Terms will be posted on the site.

Dear customers, we believe that our communication with you is always open and we try to avoid any possible discomfort and interference with you in the game. However, as some of you persistently ignore our instructions, which are written for a reason, we introduce the following sanctions:

  1. Setting up a primary account (if it’s emphasized that this does not apply to you)
    – for the first time you will be warned
    – Second time 500 reward point deduction
    – The third time the game is back in our stock, without the right to refund
    2. Playing from a purchased account (if it is emphasized not to do so)
    – for the first time you will be warned
    – Second time 500 reward point deduction
    – the third time the game is taken back to our stock, without the right to refund

Finally, any change of password or e-mail, as well as deactivation of the account via the site, the addition of a 2-step verification code leads to the withdrawal of the guarantee on all purchased content and loss of the right to refund.