Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Switch

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If you are a nostalgic fan of the series, rejoice! What you used to play on the green screen of the Game Boy now looks beautiful on the huge Nintendo Switch screen. And not only that, this is also the first Pokemon game of the main series that you can officially play on the big screen. Be sure, in whatever mode you play the game, you will be very satisfied.

The Kanto area is especially grateful for the visual experience because it is rich in greenery, and even the towns located in the world do not lag behind in diversity. Loving classic Pokemon games, the world and characters, and now experiencing them this way, is a real treat in every sense.

You have the whole first generation of Pokemon available (to capture). Although I personally am not an expert and I have not mastered every game of the series, there was no Pokemon that I could not recognize here. Does that mean this is a great game to enter the Pokemon world? You can bet on that!

The whole game is without a doubt conceived as something that everyone can enjoy, especially the youngest. This is best indicated by the difficulty of the game. How? Simply. The game comes in two “let’s go” variants – Pikachu or Eevee. Depending on the version, your faithful companion will be one of the two famous Pokemon. This is a pokemon that you will not carry in a ball in your backpack, but will be present all the time, on the shoulder of the main character.

Well, this and only this Pokemon, is almost capable of completely passing the game alone! And if there were no weaknesses that you have to face with the help of other Pokemon, it could be practically invincible, if you train it in the right way.