Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our games are digital, you get an account with the game purchased on the Playstation Store, and there is absolutely no difference in the use of digital and games on the disc.

Absolutely there is no difference in the game itself. The only difference is that you do not have a physical medium, but it’s plus the side that a digital game can not be damaged as opposed to a game on a disc.

The tutorial is on the link – Tutorial

Of course, every game purchased in our store can be played online, with an activated Playstation Plus subscription that lets you play online games on the Playstation 4 console.

Of course, when an update is available, the Playstation 4 automatically starts downloading the downloaded game update.

Yes, all orders that were paid by 17:00 in most cases are delivered on the same day. The maximum delivery time is 48h from the moment of payment.

Sending queries and / or slowing down the processing will not and can not contribute to the delivery speed. We always endeavors that the item, not essentially the game, the order completion or the reed code will be delivered to the customers in as short a time interval as possible.

Definitely not, but it will slow down considerably, and put you at the end of the list.

This can not be guaranteed to you. There are two types of orders, primary and secondary. If you get a primary account, you can play the game from your console account, and if it’s secondary, then from the purchased order. And that’s the ratio of 1: 1, so the chance to play from your account is 50%. In any case, there is no difference in the game itself whether you are playing from a primary or secondary account.

Of course. With prior consultation with the terms of use, as well as with compliance with the installation instructions received.

By clicking on the desired game on the site, you can see a timer that indicates when the game is down. After the expiration of the timer, the price of the game is returned to the original indicated on the site.

Discounts on the games do not have specific dates when they start. But in many cases they coincide with holidays and school breaks. It is recommended that you regularly monitor the site, Facebook page or Instagram to keep you up to date when the game is of interest to you for a discount.

Sony advises you to try two things. Exit the game completely. Enter the account where the game is located and do the following Settings> Account Management> Restore Licenses. If this does not help, wipe the game completely, the progress will not be deleted and reinstall it again. Bucks should be immediately visible.

After purchasing, you will receive an account with an already activated PlayStation Plus subscription, which you enter into your console with detailed instructions provided by E-mail, with account information (Username and Password). After successfully entering your console account, you gain access to online gaming on all other accounts on your Playstation 4 console.

You can only change if you receive a secondary order, so if you are instructed in the instruction to play the game from the purchased order. You can change the image, the name, and everything else you want. In no way should you change Username and Password, not significantly whether you received a primary or secondary account.

Absolutely, all digital content comes with a lifetime warranty and a year of technical support.

Deadline does not exist, you can install games whenever you want. Subscriptions and codes are the same, with the subscription active from the moment they are sent to you.

This can only happen in two cases. The first scenario – you get to play from your account. Make sure your purchased account is still activated as the primary one – while you are on a purchased account, go to (Settings)> [PlayStation Network / Account Management]> [Activate as Your Primary PS4]> [Activate] Second scenario – to play from a purchased order – check your internet connection. The connection must be stable so that the Playstation network checks the license on your console.